United States Dressage Foundation: 

National Dressage Horse Owner Ranking 

The top dressage horse owners are listed at the end of every competition year based on points.

Kati and her mother, Birgitt Dagge ranked as follows:

  • 2007 - Ranked 5th 

  • 2008 - Ranked 37th

  • 2009 - Ranked 70th

  • 2010 - Ranked 187th

  • 2011 - Ranked 938th

  • 2012 - Not Ranked

  • 2012 - 16th Open Intermediate 1 Freestyle

  • 2013 - Ranked 195th

  • 2014 - Official Standings not posted but currently in top 50

Kati would be honored to have more sponsors join her team!

Dressage is an art. Without support from art lovers like yourself it will soon become extinct. The art of Classical Dressage is beautiful to watch as well of a way of life for horse owners and lovers. Kati is dedicated to providing her horses with top care and expert training practices. Her show records examplifies her continued success on several self trained horses. She hopes to one day compete at the Olymics, World Equestrian Game, and other prestigious events. She is a young adult with a full time job and trains on the side; with additional support from sponsors she can make her dreams come true! She would love to hear from anyone interested in the opportunity to help her succeed!

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Kati's Performance Record

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Timeline of Medals, International & National achievements


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National and International medal winning trainer.

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Kati also proudly represents the IRH helmet brand.

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Our Team is about having fun!

All ages, levels, and breeds welcome! 

A Bit More About Kati...

Kati Dagge is a graduate from Stetson University with degrees in International Business and Finance, who has been riding her whole life. Kati was first introduced to dressage through her top ranked dressage riding mother. Starting with lessons at age eight, Kati fell in love with the horses and the sport of dressage. Kati has been competing in dressage since the age of 12.

In 2004, at age 12 Kati earned first first USDF award – the Training Level Rider Performance Award. Kati, being the motivated goal setter that she is decided that would just be the beginning. While going to high school and enrolled in a dual enrollment program with the local college, taking at least 3 college classes a semester, Kati continued to strive at the sport she loved.

She earned her USDF Bronze Medal in 2006 at the age of 14, her USDF Silver Medal just two years later in 2008. The following year in 2009 Kati earned her USDF Bronze Freestyle Bar and her USDF Silver Freestyle Bar in 2010. While reaching theses USDF set goals Kati also earned a spot on the Region 3 Junior and Young Rider Team five times. To earn this honor a junior young rider must be in the top 4 of their region (Region 3) competing at 3rd level to Prix St George. Kati along with her Region 3 team represented the United States at International Competitions. During these busy college and riding years Kati was ranked in the top 12 riders of her division several times and invited to the Festival of Champions. After surpassing the Junior Young Rider level Kati set her goals even higher. She is competing at the Grand Prix level. Grand Prix is the highest level of Dressage. She recently won the National Young Adult Brentina Cup; this is a Young Adult Grand Prix for riders under the age of 25. This division is designed for the young hopefuls of the sport of Dressage. Past Brentina Cup riders have used this as a stepping stone to the Olympics, World Equestrian Games and other top competition. Kati has earned scores as high as 71%  at the Grand Prix level and proudly earned her USDF Gold Medal this year.
Kati’s unique opportunity but challenge through her many years of competing is the fact that she was never presented with a finished horse. All of the horses Kati has competed were imported by her mother as youngsters and trained at their facility, Bonita Grande Dressage by Kati and her mom. Although this made the road to Grand Prix rougher than simply being given a finished horse, Kati is incredibly fortunate to have had those learning curves and bumps in the road. She believed there is nothing more rewarding than riding the horse you trained. 

  • 2004 - Training Level Rider Performance Award

  • ​2006 - USDF Bronze Medal 

  • 2007 - NAJYRC 8th place Team Competition - Ladinor

  • 2007 - NAJYRC 21st place Individual - Ladinor 

  • ​2007 - NAJYRC 8th place Team - Ladinor 

  • 2008 - USDF Silver Medal 

  • 2008 - NAJYRC 4th place Team Competition - Ladinor

  • 2009 - USDF Bronze Freestyle Bar

  • 2009 - NAJYRC - Team Silver - Dream of Love

  • 2009 - Festival of Champion - Dream of Love

  • 2009 - Festival of Champions - Ladinor

  • 2010 - USDF Silver Freestyle Bar

  • 2010 - 18th NAJYRC - Dream of Love

  • 2012 - 16th NAJYRC - Dream of Love

  • 2012 - 16th Open Intermediate 1 Freestyle

  • 2014 - USDF Gold Medal  

  • 2014 - National Young Adult Brentina Cup Champion
  • 2015 5th place - Region 3 Freestyle 2nd Level Championship

  • 2015 6th place - Region 3 Open Intermediate Championship

  • 6th place 4th Level Musical Freestyle Year End Awards (National)