Dagge Dressage  

of Southwest Ranches

Dagge Dressage is full service facility in Southwest Ranches, Florida which is about 30 minutes north of Miami. We have several clients that make the drive. Some of the amenities at the stable include:

- 14x14 concrete stalls with a fan shaded turnout

- Professional grooms who live on-site

   - Tacking

   - Untacking

   - bathing

   - Medical

- Laundry service

- Fly spray system in each stall

- 2 wash racks

- 4 tack up station

- premium grain & hay

- Regular nutritional evaluation for each horse


-professional barn management

- onsite living for grooms

- 24 hour camera surveillance

- Daily maintenances area (drag & sprinklers) 

- Air conditioned tack room with individual lockers

- Air conditioned lounge with Netflix & cable

- 2 air conditioned bathrooms

- Full hurricane preparedness setup with generator and staff in case of emergency

We also offer a top training program.

I have achieved all USDF medals; Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals and Bronze, Silver, and Gold Freestyle Bars. I am happy to work with horses and riders at any level.

I have brought my own horse from a young three year old to Grand Prix and we won the U25  Brentina Cup at the Festival of Champions in 2014. I have also brought several other horses of my own and of clients along too.

I'm happy to answer any questions via email, call, or text at:


I'd also like to welcome you to come out and join us for a tour of the facility.