Shalimar is Birgitt Dagge’s Oldenburg mare. She was imported in 2010. This mare has 9 gates and earned scores in the 70% this season showing 3rd and 4th level. She is a promising FEI prospect; and with her gaits she is sure to catch everyone’s eye. She is also a State Premium Oldenburg Mare, as of 2013, when Birgitt presented her to the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society.   


Kati always has several horse for sale in her barn. Please contact her directly for more current info! 

Lionheart is Birgitt’s up and coming training level sweetheart. He joined the family as a yearling and has the biggest heart and sweetest personality. He is showing training level this season while growing into his 18+ hand body. 

Walk of Fame      SOLD

17.2 hand, 8 year old gelding with constant winnings with scores reaching the mid 70s in 3rd and 4th level and freestyle ridden by Kati Dagge! He was purchased in June of 2014 and was qualified for Regionals by 8/2014 with Kati Dagge. Previous to purchase he was showing Training level from 2013-2014 with his previous owner who imported him from Germany after Birgitt Dagge connected them at her sister's barn in Germany.

Lexwell is a imported 4 year old Oldenburg. Since joining the Dagge Dressage team he has made quite the name for him self. Even earning high point of the show, five shows in a row. He is currently showing through 4th level under Birgitt and Kati Dagge with scores habitually in the upper 70% This horse is a great young talent. 
Dream of Love
Dream of Love is a 16.2 hand, 2001 year old approved Oldenburg liver chestnut stallion in his first season at Grand Prix. Kati and Lover have been a team since 2005, when Lover was imported as a just broke 5 year old. With the help of several prestigious trainers and her mother, Kati trained Lover to Brentina Cup. Prior to Brentina Cup, Kati and Lover competed in several Junior and Young Rider Championships, Festival of Champions, CDIs and Regional events constantly placing in the top nationally and internationally. 

Kati and Birgitt Dagge are currently ranked in the top 50

Dressage horse owners in the United States.



Picked and imported by Kati in 2015, Wanderlust is a 2008 Westphalian gelding. He was imported in April. Kati showed him Second and Third level and qualified and placed at Regionals 2015. In 2016 he was ridden by Kati's junior student in the Junior division 3rd level and equitation and placed very well through the season and at Regionals. She hopes to debute him in the FEI levels in the 2017 show circuit. Wanderlust was imported as a sales horse - but shows great promise. Please contact Kati regarding his sales statues.