Serendipity is a 17 hand, 8 year old imported Hannoverian gelding showing 3rd level and schooling PSG. 

Kati always has several horse for sale in her barn. Please contact her directly for more current info! 

Sales Horses

​Horses owned by kati

Dream of Love
Dream of Love is a 16.2 hand, 2001 year old approved Oldenburg liver chestnut stallion in his first season at Grand Prix. Kati and Lover have been a team since 2005, when Lover was imported as a just broke 5 year old. With the help of several prestigious trainers and her mother, Kati trained Lover to go to the Brentina Cup. Prior to Brentina Cup, Kati and Lover competed in several Junior and Young Rider Championships, Festival of Champions, CDIs and Regional events constantly placing in the top nationally and internationally. 

As our sales horses are always changing, please check my facebook or instagram for the most recent ones.

​Last update: 3/16/20

Kati and Birgitt Dagge are currently ranked in the top 50

Dressage horse owners in the United States.